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The LM847 Lazareth, V8 engine powered motorcycle

When you think of a motorcycle, everyone automatically thinks of a small displacement engine cranking away and maybe putting out some decent power, maybe in the 200+ range for a decent displacement bike.

This time, we come up against a motorcycle that absolutely refuses to fall into convention as it most definitely sports something entirely different than we are used to.

Instead of a small and high-pitched engine, this time, we catch up with a bike that isn’t afraid to show its bold size with a whopping V8 that has plenty of power and that low big cube displacement grumble.

When you hop on the likes of the LM847 Lazarus, you’re signing up for a Maserati power plant between your legs boasting an incredible 470 hp. Not many would ever expect to come across that kind of power when talking about a bike.

Now, of course, with more this displacement comes more weight, but we are more than certain that the extra power does numbers when it comes to offsetting the extra bulkiness.

The result is one neat looking bike that certainly has the power output to match. Check it out in the video below!