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The LSX 454 Powered Hulk is one Nasty Rock Bouncer

Ryan Bramhall’s ridiculously bright green rock bouncer, appropriately named “Hulk” is one badass machine! Powered by a gnarly 454 CID LSX powerplant pumping out 600 horsepower, the Hulk doesn’t meet too many obstacles it can’t overcome.

This compilation of all of Hulk’s runs from 2016 show you just how capable this neon machine is as Ryan tackles hill climbs, rock formations, mud pits and anything else these courses have to throw at him. The Hulk does spend some time on it’s roof, as any good crawler knows you have to push the limits to get where you need to go, but even going inverted doesn’t phase Hulk as Bramhall fires up the LS engine and as soon as it’s back on all fours and gets back into he action.

Thanks as always to Madram11 for the killer footage. As you can see, he puts himself directly into the line of fire as the Hulk slings some mud right onto the camera more than once! Keep it up, we can’t wait for the 2017 compilation!