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The Mailman Got Bored at Work… Starts Doing Donuts in the Snow

For many of us, when it gets to that time of year where snow begins the fall from the sky, we just can’t help but head out and do a little bit of sliding around no matter what kind of car it is that we’re driving. Even if it’s just a little jaunt in mom’s minivan, everyone can get in on the action here.

This time, we check out a postal worker who steps just a little bit outside of the job description as they take their US Postal Service mail van and put it to the ultimate snowy test. It’s insanely fun to watch as even the mailman gets in on the action when the snow hits the ground.

If this cul-de-sac shenanigan session isn’t the ultimate proof of that snow brings out the inner child in everyone, we’re not exactly sure what would. Watching something like this go down really has to be an exciting thing to see first hand in person.

Check out the video display below that shows off just a couple of seconds of the mailman enjoying the slippery surface. Even though it was a short clip, this is really enough of a display to bring a smile to your face and make you realize that not everything in the world has to be so serious all the time.