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The Making of Redline (Fast & Furious 1)

The Making of Redline (Fast & Furious 1)

While many members of the car community claim to be big Fast and Furious fans, how many know that the name was almost not very fast or furious at all?

If you didn’t know, that’s alright, we weren’t aware either and lots of digging around the web didn’t help out too much, but what we do have is this rare behind the scenes promo from the beginning stages of the movie.

The flick named “Redline” was due to come out in 2001 and little did the cast know, it would become one of the biggest film franchises in the history of film.

Check out the video below that shows us some super rare footage featuring the likes of a super young Paul Walker and not as buff Vin Diesel who discuss many of the sequences came to be.

Imagine how different it would be if they didn’t switch up the branding. The seven going on eight installment mega hit might not have even seen a second movie!