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The Making Of The Twingo GT Commercial With 5 Year Old Lila Kalis

Up until now, you have only seen the skills of five-year-old drifting sensation, Lila Kalis, here in the States stunting her stuff but this time she managed to use her abilities to drive her way into the hearts and minds of a major automotive brand, garnering their attention overseas in the best way possible!

Recently, Lila has found her way to junior drifting stardom in the form of an automotive commercial to help Renault draw attention to one of their sporty models in the Twingo GT. It might look like all fun and games during the final cut, but creating a commercial like this one is no easy task whatsoever.

In this behind-the-scenes look, we dive into what it was like to work with this youngster who has some major skills behind the wheel on the set of her commercial. Now, we did say that it was a lot of work but there’s no denying that this work looks like some serious fun as well.

Catch the youngster behind the wheel in her commercial debut down in the video below that tells the story of what it was like on the set of this advertisement that you can’t help but fall in love with. Be on the lookout for this kid to be doing some big things behind the wheel of a car in the years to come!


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