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The Man Who Set Up His Own Toll Road, Without Permission

Have you been looking for that form of passive income that will slap money in your bank account without having to do too much work? Well, it looks like, when this man saw the opportunity unfolding right out front of his very own property for such a business to arise, he hopped to it and the story is enough to inspire you to use the world around you to creatively solve problems and make a little bit of money while doing so. In this situation, it all started when Mother Nature caused a mud slide and things escalated to the point where the nearest route around the closed road would tack 14 extra miles on someone’s commute. It was time to get to work.

Without asking or anything, this opportunistic entrepreneur got to constructing his very own road with the news that the current road wouldn’t be able to be traveled on for months. With his house as the only collateral that he could use to pay for the road in lieu of the road needing to produce $150,000 worth of toll revenue, he took a shot and it looks like it’s going to pay off big time! So far, they’ve already moved into the six figure range and still have at least several more months of this busily traveled toll road operating before the main road is able to open up once again.

Now technically, he isn’t violating any laws yet but after building the road without any permits, trouble might be coming at some point down the road, no pun intended. For now, though, it looks like this quick thinker is only focusing on making sure that cars keep on rolling through and keep on handing over that cash. After checking out a story like this, tell us what you think of this situation that had someone in just the right place to take advantage of it.