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The man who went sky diving with no parachute…

Not too long ago, we all were able to bear witness as a stunt daredevil would hop out of a skydiving plane from thousands of feet in the air.

Now, this doesn’t seem to be too abnormal except for the fact that this skydiver would be hurling himself out of the plane without the help of a parachute or anything really to prevent him and the ground from becoming one.

Now have you, at the end of the jump there would be a gigantic net to break his fall, almost like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon but in between himself and that net was a whole lot of nothing – no real safe escape.

In this one, we are able to revisit the wild stunt done from the point of view of the stuntman himself as he takes us through what he was thinking from departure to arrival at the ground.

Check out the first person perspective on this incredible journey spanning thousands of vertical feet. We are kind of wondering what was going through his mind and now we know thanks to a commentary from the man himself. Enjoy another view of the Heaven Sent jump below!