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The “McHitch” Trailer Accessory Might Just Help Make the Trailer Ball Extinct

As long as there is a product with a little bit of room for improvement, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will always be companies out there trying to make that improvement. One area where we see a lot of accessories come to life is that of the trailer hitch. Make no bones about it, the may have been some improvements in the world of the trailer hitch over the years but it’s still an area where we think improvements could be made. At the end of the day, while hooking up a trailer isn’t the biggest inconvenience in life, it’s certainly a situation that could go a little bit smoother sometimes with the help of a crafty innovation.

This time, we check in with the product that goes by the name of the “McHitch Uniglide Trailer Coupling” which attempts to accomplish this innovation.

Essentially, the idea here is to remove the need for the ball which seems to be a bit of an antiquated design. The argument is that the trailer ball leaves a little bit of room for movement which isn’t the most efficient system possible. In addition, the McHitch promises that it will be easier to hook up as well. Even though most people probably don’t struggle too much with hooking up a trailer to a traditional ball, this particular unit makes things seamless as it simply snaps in without even having to line things up perfectly.

Check in with the video below that shows how one can simply back up and click into their trailer without even having to get out of the tow vehicle with the help of the McHitch. When efficiency is important, perhaps, a trailer coupling like this could help to get the job done.


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