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The Mid-Engine 2020 C8: Interior Shots Leaked!

As the pages on the calendar continue to turn, there are several releases in the performance community that we have become rather enthralled with. Just recently, we got to see the official unveiling of the 2020 Shelby GT500. One of the other revamped machines that is supposed to be on the radar for a 2020 release date is the Chevrolet Corvette as we’ve all been hyped up for a mid-engine variant of the car. However, in this camp, we have a lot less concrete evidence to support what the car is actually going to be like. Instead, speculation has simply run wild on what everybody thinks is going to come with the package.

Outside of expert predictions that might be able to give the fanatics an idea of what they can expect if they want to get into one of these beasts, or at least what we would assume to be beasts, there have been several leaked photos and spotted testing that might speak a little bit stronger in the evidence category. One of the latest leaks that we’ve come across are shots of the interior as presented by YouTuber, Chevy Dude. Now, these aren’t exactly perfect shots but they to give us a sort of idea of what exactly can be expected with the next generation of the car.

By following along with the video below, you’ll hear a little bit more speculation about what could be expected with this upcoming platform as another piece to the puzzle makes itself known. It seems like, for the next rendition of Corvette, the hype is at an all-time high. After the expectations have gotten so lofty, hopefully, General Motors has procured the formula for something truly wild and different. I don’t think that there’s a soul within the automotive performance community that has failed to keep some sort of an eye on all of this Corvette talk.