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The Million Mile Truck

One thing that most people are concerned about when they head out to buy a vehicle is longevity. Sometimes, folks shoot to trade in their vehicles every couple of years but I would also say that a vast amount of people who buy their vehicles purchase them for a good amount of time, trying to hang on to them for as long as they possibly can. The idea here is to hang on to the car for as long as possible, really stretching out the initial investment and only getting rid of the machine once it starts to nickel and dime them, drawing upon their wallet for repairs at a more frequent rate.

If you want to talk about a machine that really managed to take an initial investment and stretch it as far as possible, you can’t help but look at this Chevrolet pickup truck as it still has a lot of its original luster and when you hear all about how much it’s been driven, well, your jaw might just drop to the floor. The truck still is in possession of the original owner and looks like it has managed to hold up pretty well through all of these years. However, when you learn that it has racked 1,219,000 miles, you’re probably going to want to do a double take.

Follow along down in the video below as you get a little bit of a taste of what exactly the automotive industry looks like as Chevrolet and Ford trucks have dominated sales and some of them are still hanging around years later, even with a ton of mileage and work hours racked up on the clock. If this isn’t enough mileage for you to justify having something like this in your thought process when thinking about longevity, well, you might just want to reconsider that process.


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