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The Mistress TT Nova vs Barefoot Ronnie at Bristol 100k No Prep Race

Monday night, the stars of the hit Discovery Channel street racing show Street Outlaws put a whole new spin on the show when they loaded up and headed east to historic Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol Tennessee for a huge no prep race. Joining the stars of the original show in competing for the $100,000 total purse were several stars of Street Outlaws New Orleans along with some of the biggest names in the world of no prep track racing.

Two cars and drivers who should be familiar to long time fans of the show faced off in this matchup, captured from the stands in real time by the lens of National No Prep Racing Association’s camera. In the lane closes to the camera is the nitrous injected Nova of “Barefoot” Ronnie Pace, a competitor who’s been on Street Outlaws a couple of times. Lining up to take on Ronnie is Shawn Wilhoit in the wicked twin turbocharged Nova known as The Mistress.

As with most of the pairings in the sixteen first round races, these two should be good for a great side-by-side race if they both make solid passes. However, as is commonly the case, the non-prepped surface kept that from becoming a reality. As you can see in the video, as soon as the green light dropped, Barefoot Ronnie’s Nova blasted out of the hole, leaving The Mistress behind in what looks to be an actual cloud of dust. Shortly into the run, however, Pace had to pedal the throttle to try to regain traction. Around that point, Wilhoit’s Mistress began to spool up and pull event with, and head of, Pace, who fought to get back on the throttle as quickly as possible.

It would prove to be too little, too late as Wilhoit, despite having to life early himself, had built up enough momentum to coast through the finish line ahead of Barefoot Ronnie and move on to the next round of racing.