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The Most Epic Kind of Unboxing Shows us What’s Inside the FuelTech FT600 Package

Being able to dig into new car parts makes us feel like kids at Christmas time. There isn’t much of a better feeling than seeing the mail carrier show up with brand new car parts to slap on the race car. It’s a simple thing but sometimes it’s the simple things in life that really get us going.

This time, we dig into an offering from FuelTech to see exactly what it’s like when you open up that box. With a video like this, we can get a much better idea of what’s coming when you pull the trigger and get the FT600 to bring your racing machine to the next level.

On their website, FuelTech describes the FT600 as “FuelTech’s most advanced engine control and monitoring system. It is an ECU, dashboard, data acquisition and power management system!” They continue, “FuelTech FT600 is the perfect association between the ECU and the dashboard; making it the world’s most complete solution presenting both features combined.”

What does that all mean, though, when it comes to the physical product?

What all is included with the system and how exactly might it apply to your racing application?

Sometimes, the hands on learners among us just need to see everything broken out and shown off. With that, we can actually get a better idea of how exactly these products work in unison in order to make a car rocking the system tick. For those wondering exactly what’s included with the FT600 package, this one’s for you!

Down below, our host, Cameron, shows us what’s in the box that you’ll receive when getting your very own FT600. Hope you’re ready to dominate the racing surface. The FT600 is definitely a big step toward being able to do just that!


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