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The Most Exciting Car Show You’ll Ever Go To… Hands DOWN

Before you get into this video, we invite you to do a little bit of visualizing for yourself. What we want you to picture in your head right now is a car showWe’ll Give you a minute. Okay, now that you have it pictured in your head, what you are probably imagining is a parking lot that’s just about full with classic cars then maybe a couple of guys who picked up their newer car to shine it up and bring it out on the weekends with the hopes of maybe getting a trophy. The atmosphere is a little bit quieter than normal and everyone is hanging out and having a relaxing time with some rides.

Now, take everything that you have ever known about a traditional car show and throw it in the trash. Cruisin’ Weekend and Endless Summer Cruisin’ in Ocean City, Maryland take that concept of a traditional car show and completely flip it on its head. Sure, the weekend does center around a car show in the town’s convention center, however, it has expanded far and wide to the point where hot rod enthusiasts fill up just about every hotel in the city and have car meets galore, spreading their way out over the town to enjoy all that Ocean City has to offer while being able to look just about anywhere and see another unique hot rod.

Follow along in the BigKleib34 video below that will take us to the scene of the action to catch up with everything that Endless Summer Cruisin’ has to offer. After frequenting this show twice a year, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has a passion for automobiles. If you’re all about your cars, heading out to the show is something that you definitely need to put on your bucket list.