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The Most Exciting Takeaway From Tesla’s Battery Day is a 9-Second, 1100 HP, 200 MPH Sedan (Yes, Really!!)

So, Tesla’s Battery Day came and went pretty quickly and the company covered a lot of ground.

Essentially, the goal was to give a state of the union, updating the world on how things are going at Tesla and in the EV community at large.

Things started off with a crawl as we heard the shareholder meeting, getting some of the back end suit talk out of the way. Before long, though, Elon Musk would take the stage to begin talking about the physical happenings and what makes Tesla the company that it is.

Among these categories, we learned of Tesla’s improved manufacturing processes, new battery composition methods, and even the much-improved safety provided by Tesla’s autonomous driving system. Believe it or not, autopilot has reduced the number of incidents per mile from 2.1 per million miles to just .3 per million miles. That’s taking away 7 accidents and replacing them with just one.

They also spoke on the $25,000 passenger car coming down the road but that seems to be quite a way off.

All of this seemed to be right in line with what folks were thinking. As the presentation went on, it seemed as if the company was announcing lots of big and bright news about the future but nothing to really wow fans and investors today.

It was at this point that a massive announcement was finally dropped.

Tesla will be releasing the long speculated Model S Plaid. The car is basically the performance variation of the Model S that we already know. The numbers really were enough to thrust us back in our seats. These are the details that we were given.

  • 0-60 in less than 2 seconds
  • 200 mph top speed
  • <9-second quarter mile
  • 1100+ horsepower
  • 520 miles of range
  • 1:30.3 Laguna Seca Lap time (Elon Musk expects it to be the fastest car to ever round the track after more testing)

For any interested parties, the car will be available at the end of 2021. We haven’t been filled in with a price just yet.


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