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The Most Ridiculous Sound System Setup We Have Ever Seen in a Tahoe

If you have navigated your way around the world of car audio at all, you might be familiar with one of the biggest names in the game in Jonathan Price. Having started out at the ground level with nothing more than a sound system and a YouTube channel, Price has built himself to the status that many entrepreneurs strive to achieve.

These days, you can still find him bumping in his Chevrolet Tahoe but he also operates a highly successful audio company that goes by the name of “Down 4 Sound.” It’s interesting to see just how far this operation has come when you go to look back at the roots of it all.

This time, we ride along with YouTuber, MadRam11, as he takes us inside of Price’s latest and greatest Tahoe to see exactly where one of the leaders in this space has gone with his build that is designed to do nothing but vibrate your entire existence with pure sound!

Check out the video below that gives us the complete tour from top to bottom of Jonathan’s Tahoe to show exactly how this insane beast cranks out the bass. Be sure to tell us what you think of this ride that’s decked out from top to bottom and all top-of-the-line audio equipment!

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