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The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks is 2,000 Feet Long

When we were younger, the majority of boys and a lot of girls, gear heads or not, grew up on Hot Wheels. With the imagination of a five-year-old, anything is possible with a nice collection of cars and all the time in the world!

This time, we check out an adult who just couldn’t shake the love for Hot Wheels and said adult created one of the most amazing Hot Wheels creations that we have ever seen, building a track that clocks in at 2,000 feet long in order to help raise money for the Hope For Gabe charity!

We check out the track as it dips, dives, and loops throughout every room in the house and even goes outside, around the property, and even manages to jump over the pool! This track had to take some major time and constructive thinking to overcome all of those obstacles!

Check out the track for yourself in the video below that will surely take you on a wild ride that shows off all of the creativity brought about by this insane builder. In addition to all of the hard work that we’re sure was invested into this creation, that track had to cost a ton!

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