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The Nastiest Cam Lopes of Instagram Compilation!

When you think of your ideal American muscle machine, I don’t think that there are too many people out there who think of a nice and quiet ride that will manage to lay low and sneak right past everybody’s attention as you enter the local car show. The whole point of having a car like that is not only so that you can go fast, but also having a nice little exhaust note when you stomp on that go pedal.

What comes to mind with an American mucsle car is generally a ride that’s nothing short of loud and rowdy, bringing a good amount of lope to the table as it turns heads everywhere that it goes. Some of these machines might have been a little quiet when they originally rolled off of the assembly line but thanks to some key modification, they sound and probably perform much, much better than they originally did, especially when you consider that a lot of these things are sporting a ton more than a cam swap.

Instead of the somewhat tame machine that’s good for cruising the streets occasionally with the windows down, this collection of cars have been converted to cammed out monsters, absolutely screaming when the drivers cranks them up. Not only do these cars that are the best of Instagram sound great, but they also probably have the kick to match! There are really a lot to choose from here, as well and the variety is awesome!

Check out the video below that shows off the group of well polished muscle machines loping away in a display where they might be sitting still, but it still makes you get that chill down your spine that gives you the feeling that laying into the throttle of these machines would be quite the experience!