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The New Cars 3 Teaser Trailer #2 Has us Even More Excited For the Premiere

None of us here at Speed Society can even deny that we are stoked for Cars 3. All of us are grown men and women, but the teaser trailer for the third installment in the Cars series had our inner kid cranked up to head to the theater!

Now Disney has dropped the second teaser, and once again we have our snacks and juice boxes and are itching to get into those cool flip-up seats at the cinema. Nothing more is revealed about the plot of the movie, which Disney has been relatively tight-lipped about thusfar, but we do get some great close-up looks at what we assume are three of the main characters: Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez, and of course, Lightning McQueen himself.

Jackson Storm looks to be a futuristic racer, perhaps the antagonist to McQueen’s hero role, while Ramirez dons a Team Rusteze badge, indicating he is part of Lightning’s team. The great angles and lighting really show off Pixar’s animation prowess, and really have us stoked to see what Disney reveals next about this blockbuster-in-the-making!


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