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The New Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist is Genius

With technology in your vehicle hurling at incredible rates of speed, automakers are constantly at the drawing board trying to think up the next big thing for your next car or truck to take out just one more step that has proven to be inconvenient or a waste of energy.

With that line of thinking, the 2016 Ford F-150 just might have caught on to the next big thing. We’ve seen backup assisting devices before, but this time Ford takes it to a whole new level with a system that will help you back up your trailer with the twist of a knob!

For those of us who have learned how to effectively learned how to back up with a trailer on the back of a truck, we can attest to the fact that it isn’t a knack that’s picked up easily and even after lots of practice, it can still be something that you don’t get down 100% of the time.

The video below takes the liberty of showing off this innovative system that uses the twist of a knob to tell the truck where you want the trailer to go – the truck does the rest! It might seem like a redundant feature but when you see it in action, you’ll be able to appreciate just how simple it makes backing up a trailer! Do you think this is something that will catch on?