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It’s been several months coming, but the new Murder Nova has finally made ...

It’s been several months coming, but the new Murder Nova has finally made it’s on-track debut, and our buddy Big Rob was there to catch it at Thunder Valley Raceway Park just outside OKC. If you’re a fan of Street Outlaws, you know Shawn has had some significant struggles getting the original Murder Nova to go down the street as quickly and consistently as he’d like. He’s managed to stay at or near the top of the list despite the car giving him fits, but he’s known for a while that the OG Nova just ins’t the car it needs to be to stay in the #1 spot.

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At the 2016 PRI show in Indianapolis, Shawn revealed that the replacement had been found and was being assembled, heading first to Don Dial’s chassis shop to have a solid platform built, then to the shop of Travis Quillen, who did most of the assembly, wiring, and plumbing. While he had the car, Quillen and Shawn decided to move the engine back as far as possbile to help weight transfer, which meant cutting out some of the awesome work Dial did and moving a lot of bars, including the roll cage, to accommodate the relocated ProLine small block powerplant. This added some time to the process, but also insured the car would be ideally suited for the street when it was finally time to put it on the list, and it seems that day is drawing close.

As you can see in the video below, the car looks very much like the original Murder Nova, but take my word for it, there’s a much fresher and more modern soul inside that matte black body than the other car, and this one should be more than capable of carrying Shawn right back up the list to the top spot once everything’s been tweaked and the power can be cranked up. Look for the car at this weekend’s Outlaw Armageddon, and we know they’re filming for the show right now, so hopefully the new car will be right there in your living room on Monday nights soon!

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