The New Murder Nova Is A Complete Monster Off The Line

Earlier this year, one of the most beloved and best-known cars on the 405’s Top 10 ...

Earlier this year, one of the most beloved and best-known cars on the 405’s Top 10 list took a bow and rolled off the streets of Oklahoma City. The original Murder Nova hasn’t exactly been retired for good, but it’s taking a much-needed breather while Shawn takes on the list in the new Murder Nova, a car that looks very similar to the OG ride but has the soul of a beast lurking under the matte black Nova sheet metal.

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With a twin-turbocharged ProLine small block providing a ton of horsepower and the car built from the beginning with racing on the traction-limited streets, there are several details about the car that ensure it’s built to bite and bite it certainly does. While the car has had a tendency to track right or left a bit, there’s no denying it plants the tire incredibly hard and blasts off the starting line like it was shot from a cannon.

You can see in the video below, as soon as the transbrake button is released, the car rockets off the line with the wheelie bars digging in to keep the nose low. However, a little ways down track, the car tracks to the left, prompting Shawn to pedal the throttle and steer the car back to the center of the groove. While it’s less than ideal, it was more than enough to get the win in this race, as the car in the other lane looked to leave much softer and then got out of shape down track as well, whipping violently back and forth.

We have no doubt that Shawn and the Midwest Street Cars crew will get the new car lined out and tracking straight in no time, and when that day comes, there aren’t too many cars that will be able to stand between Shawn and the #1 spot on the 405 list and the crown that he has already worn so many times. We can’t wait for Street Outlaws to return, look for it to be back on Discovery Channel soon!

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