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The Porsche GT3RS Set on Fire by the Beverly Hills Rioters Still Runs and Drives

Among the headlines that have changed America as we know it in 2020, we find the protests and riots in response to the situation that occurred between police and George Floyd earlier this year.

As a natural catalyst for outrage, it turns out that different people handled the situation in varying ways. Among those who did decide to head out to the streets and voice their concerns and opinions, there was a clear line in the sand. On one hand, we have the protesters who were there to get their message across. On the other, we find the rioters and looters who seemed to be opportunistic and quick to take advantage of a volatile time for personal gain.

As such, riots would break out around the country. In a variety of major cities, we would see stores broken into, merchandise was stolen, and all sorts of things set on fire from automobiles to entire retail centers.

No city was exempt from this phenomenon. Even in Beverly Hills, we would watch as rioters took to the streets, using violence to meet whatever their motives were. As we’re sure that there are a variety of different motives, it’s hard to really summarize the mentality in a couple of keystrokes. However, we can note that there were certainly some destructive byproducts of rioter actions.

One that seemed to catch the eye of the car community in the Beverly Hills chaos was the destruction of a very high-end car. The Porsche GT3RS is a machine that comes in with a price tag that nears $200,000. However, that didn’t stop an upset civilian from destroying and setting one on fire. The video could go rather viral as we watched the exotic car go down in flames as it had been beaten up, painted, and charred to a crisp.

As it turns out, the car didn’t end up in a junkyard. Instead, effspot takes us on a ride to catch up with what exactly happened with the remnants of the machine. It kind of appears, at least from a glance, that there might even be enough here to go about restoring the car. Whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze is an entirely different discussion. However, it’s pretty interesting to see that this car still runs and drives.