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The Process of Launching an 800,000 lb Yacht is Not so Simple

When most of us think about launching our boat, the most dramatic part of getting our vessel in the water is backing the trailer far enough into the water, but not going too far so as to get any more lake water on the truck than we have to.

For the super-wealthy, it takes a little more work to get their vessels to the waterway. This time-lapse footage shows the half-day of work and the equipment and crew it takes to move an 800,000 yacht from the factory door to the nearby dock. This beautiful yacht takes a full crew and a massive Mack truck to get it from the factory – Christensen Shipyards located in in Vancouver, Washington – to the waterway, and even the experienced crew takes several hours to get the massive vessel out of the factory door and down the tree-lined driveway that ends at the water’s edge.

The 160 foot long yacht, which is available to charter out of Palm Beach, Florida, features some of the most luxurious amenities for up to 12 guests, and can be rented for the low price of a quarter million dollars a week. Start saving that pocket change, you can take it out for a spin in no time!