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The Purple Monster Buggy Tears Up The Sand Dunes

If you’re one of those folks who has yet to see how they throw down in the sand dunes or haven’t seen enough to qualify yourself as a fan yet, we think that we’ve come across a sand car that will make you fall in love with the high-octane pastime of blasting through the desert!

This time, we catch up with the Purple Monster fitted with 454 cubic inches of v8 power and a supercharger to help move things along even more so. When all is said and done, the setup ends up making 925 hp at the wheels which is enough to give just about anybody a thrill that they feel throughout their body!

In this flick, we drop in at the Glamis Sand Dunes with the Purple Monster on a 105° day to watch as this near 1000hp beast rockets through the desert with ease, shooting roost and making power wheelies look easy! You can almost feel the G forces pounding on your chest just by watching the video of the machine action.

Check out the video below that will take you along for a ride in this gem in the desert. I wouldn’t imagine that playing with this thing ever gets old, it looks, to me, kind of like the grown-up version of being a kid in a candy store!


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