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The RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 Powerboat is Brutally Fast!

Posted by: Jose Corona on December 26, 2019

As most of you know by now, we at Speed Society are really into all things radio controlled. Cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, and even RC boats all get our attention, especially when they are insanely fast, like this turbine-powered watercraft.

The Mystic C5000 powerboat replica is a huge boat, checking it at six and a half feet in length and over a foot and a half wide. The twin turbines provide more than enough output to push this craft as fast as even the most seasoned RV pilot would want to go, kicking up a crazy rooster tail as it shreds the calm lake surface. While we don’t have any actual speeds, it appears to be running upwards of 50 mph, which is ridiculously fast on the water. The amount of time, work and money invested in a project like this is on par with that of a project car build, with some twin turbine boats costing upwards of $10,000 to complete.

Possibly more impressive than the speed this boat reaches is the precision and control it maintains as it rips around the water, keeping in constant contact with the water, which allows it to make tight turns without losing control. This badass boat is nothing short of impressive, and we think you will agree!


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