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The Real Life PlayStation Supercar, Piloted by PS4 Controller

For those of us who enjoy playing with cars in real life, I would venture to think that there are a pretty good majority of people who also would enjoy playing with cars in the virtual world as well. When it comes to video games like Gran Turismo, the user is able to play with whatever cars they want that can cost millions of dollars, modifying them and beating on them, all without leaving your living room or spending any more than the cost of the game. It’s really a wonderful thing as you can go and explore vehicles that most people won’t even get to own in their lifetimes.

In this one, we check out a unique concept, though, that brings the world of video games and real life together in one cohesive picture. It’s kind of awkward at first but once you get used to it, it’s pretty neat to see how it all works as a team of engineers has put together a Nissan GT-R that is controllable with a PlayStation controller. Normally, if you do any damage while behind a PlayStation controller, with a couple of pushes of a button, it will be fixed, but a wrong maneuver in this situation that causes damage won’t be so easy to remedy!

In this one, we follow along with the real-life PlayStation controlled GT-R that’s piloted around the track by a willing participant. It has to be quite a rush to be controlling a full-size vehicle with a PlayStation controller! Heck, who knows? Maybe the idea of controlling a vehicle like this remotely will even become some sort of sport. I could just see teams pushing cars to the limits because there is no driver involved to get injured. Seeing these full-sized cars flying around the track with no holds barred would be incredibly interesting to watch.