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The Renault 3.0L V10 at 20,000 RPM is Mind Blowing!

Sure, we might all have our favorite engine combinations but the true gearhead would look across the landscape and be able to appreciate all different types of motors for exactly what they’re worth. Each different engine has its own ups and downs that bring the whole picture together and make the combination better at some things than others.

This time, the engine that we’re looking at in particular might only displace 3 liters but it also happens to be a v10 that’s capable of cranking out 20,000 RPM. Watching something like this in action is really a treat for all of the senses as it is just running at such a high level.

The engine in question here is a none other than a Formula 1 power plant designed by Renault. The setup is really built to impress and this time, we get a deep look inside of exactly what makes this thing tick. It’s incredible to watch and listen as this motor winds up to the moon and really belts out the high notes.

Check out the video below that will take you inside of this incredible machine that’s made to help racers go fast! I don’t care who you are, watching an engine like this in motion is truly impressive. There are tons of moving parts there that all need to come together in the exact right way to push f1 cars to new heights.


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