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The Rock Pushed Back Fast and Furious 9 Release Date, Tyrese Gibson is Not Happy

From what we, the public, have seen of the Fast and Furious “family,” as they like to remind us over and over again to the point where it makes you about nauseous, it seems like the entire cast and crew of these movies has been all hunky-dory, really getting along with one another in such a way that their on-screen chemistry would reflect. Just when you thought that the entire Furious family was all smiles and rainbows behind the scenes, out comes a little bit of controversy that Tyrese Gibson, AKA Roman Pierce didn’t seem to be too happy with and I can’t really say that we necessarily blame him.

As you know, thanks to what started out as a solid storyline and a growing cast of all-stars, the franchise has basically become one that is a license to print money. However, before the cast and crew are making their way around in geriatric scooters, it would probably be a good move to head out there and start to make spinoffs or get younger cast members involved so that they can continue on with the massively successful series. In that line of thinking, The Rock has decided that he wants his very own spinoff and it appears to come at the cost of the 9th installment’s release date.

On the surface, this seems like a great idea and one that you’d think the whole crew would be able to get behind, however, it turned out to be news that Tyrese Gibson decided that he wasn’t on board with. To paraphrase what Gibson said, essentially, it seems like he feels as if The Rock made a selfish decision without considering how hard the rest of the crew works to get these movies out every couple of years, essentially taking a chunk of the current crew to make peripheral process while the main franchise hangs in the balance.

There are probably a million ways to slice this one, but it looks to us that Gibson feels like the people who made the franchise what it is are being pushed aside because a bigger name wants to take over. I’m sure that there’s more to come from the story but for now, be sure to check out Gibson’s comments to TMZ and tell us what you think about this debacle and the land of the furious. Perhaps this is all an elaborate plan to promote the spinoff, you never know!