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The S-10 That Could! Little Truck Stands ALL The Way Up

If we were to talk about some of the most popular platforms in all of drag racing, without a doubt, the Ford Mustang Fox Body would probably be right there at the top of the list. However, not too far behind the Fox is probably the S10 platform in both small pickup and SUV varieties. These things have really proven their worth out there on the strip and when one pulls up next to you, you’d better watch out because you never really know quite what it is that you’re going to get.

This time, we check out a Chevrolet S10 that you’re definitely going to want to get your eyes on because this thing absolutely rips and then some! We don’t exactly have full details on the setup, but what we do know is that it’s huffing a pretty healthy shot of nitrous and the results most definitely show as it rockets off of the line and appears to have a little bit of trouble keeping those front wheels down at times, too! It actually ends up putting on quite a show on the strip as it goes above and beyond quite literally as it reaches up to touch the sky.

Check out the JMalcom2004 video down below that showcases exactly what this platform can be turned into with enough patience, a little bit of a bank account, and the elbow grease to match. This truck is really something that could both steal your heart and break it at the same time, depending on which side of the race you happen to be on. After joining in with this little mini monster of a truck, be sure to tell us what you think of this rocket of an S10 that really has some presence out there on the strip.