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The Sad Sight of a Lamborghini Gallardo Going Up in Flames!

We’ve heard several instances of Lamborghinis going up in flames without warning, and even seen a couple of videos where the flames were caught on tape, but this is one of the most intense, and hardest to watch, videos of the phenomenon we’ve seen.

We know there was a recall issued by the beloved Italian automaker due to a fault within the cars exhaust gas recirculation system that was supposedly the cause of the spontaneous flame ups, but that applied only to the Aventador and ultra-rare Veneno models, not the Gallardo, so we have to assume something else was at play here that caused this Gallardo to burn to the ground after exiting this freeway.

Things start off seemingly innocently enough, with the swoopy white supercar rolling to a stop directly beneath this traffic camera. Nothing appears out of the ordinary, though the driver clearly spotted something amiss as he exited the car and opened the engine cover. He doesn’t appear to be too panicked, though a few seances later, a small cloud of white smoke emanates from the car, giving an indication that bad things are happening. It takes a few moments before we actually see the actual flames, and even though the flames are slow to spread and grow in intensity, it seems there isn’t a fire extinguisher to be found. As the seconds tick by, the driver can only watch helplessly as the flames build and being to engulf the whole car. At one point, the smoke becomes so thick that it nearly blocks out the traffic camera high above. Hopefully no one was injured in this incident and the driver had good insurance, because there’s certainly no repairing this car after such an intense blaze. We would love to know the cause of this blaze to help find out if there needs to be another recall on these cars or if this was an isolated incident.

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