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The Sea Keeper, A Boat Stabilization Device Every Vessel Needs!

Choppy waters have claimed boats, and thousands of lives since boats first started hitting the waters, It doesn’t matter how big, or how fast your boat is. The Sea is unforgiving, and swells can capsize anything.

Until now we have yet to see a real way to eliminate that nasty boat rock that causes “Sea sickness” Which can be anything from vomiting, to just a nauseas feeling, and even fatigue. The Seakeeper claims to do just that! (Well most of it anyway)

What the Seakeeper is, is a Gyrscopic ball, which rotates naturally as the vessel rolls delivering torque to the PORT or STBD to stabilize the vessel. Featuring an “Active control” feature which allows the Seakeeper to be used at any speed, and any sea state. A patented vacuum technology is used to allow the flywheel to operate with minimal air friction, which uses as little as 1.0KW of energy while in operation.

The Seakeeper is cooled by a Sea Water/Glycol mixture, and only has 2 electrical fixtures. Making for a super simple installation on any vessel


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