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The Secret Stash of Mopars Hidden for Decades!

If there’s one thing that can get your emotions cranking, it would most certainly be a good old-fashioned barn find. There’s just something about busting open the doors on some cars that happen to be incredibly rare and have been sitting there, hiding away for who knows how long. You never really know what you’re going to find and I think that the biggest part of the thrill of the barn find is in the excitement that goes along with the hunt, rummaging through a pile of cars and parts, looking for that one piece that could end up being worth thousands of dollars if not more. The best part is that all of it as just been sitting there and nobody knows any different!

This time, we follow along with the Auto Archaeologist as he takes a trip to a local NAPA Auto Parts store for a Mopar fan’s dream find. It’s an obscure place for a barn find but nonetheless, that isn’t to say that the find is any less impressive! It all starts out with a Daytona and eventually spirals into super birds and a wild GTX collection that has been stashed away! With such a large collection like this, it really leads you to wonder about the story and who was behind these cars before they were left to sit and rot. It also makes you want to haul these things off to get the proper restoration that they deserve!

Check out the video down below that our uploader says made his heart skip a beat while filming. There most certainly is a wide variety of machines here to choose from and each and every one really makes this collection get better and better. If you were to stumble upon a barn find, what would be the list of your favorite cars that you would want to find inside? What would be your Holy Grail?


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