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“The Shocker” is Back, Throws Down With Justin Swanstrom in Tulsa

Those who have been following along with Street Outlaws fan favorite, Kye Kelley, have likely noticed that Kelley has been operating with a bit of a busy schedule as of late. As Street Outlaws promotions have spread their wings out to a variety of different shows and formats, that now means that racers like Kelley have to maintain an entire fleet of cars.

Not only that, but not long ago, the racer also lost his main big tire car, the “Shocker,” as it ended up in a freak accident on the streets and the result was a mangled mess that was pretty much unusable.

In a short period of time, Kelley managed to turn things around, though, building a new version of the shocker that is back and better than ever. Of course, as with any new car, Kelley has to shake it down and make some changes to get it just right. These sorts of builds don’t come from the shop that they’re built in and roll onto the track, clocking off the best passes imaginable. Instead, lots of data needs to be gathered and adjustments must be made in order to get these cars to become the well-oiled machines that we see at the top of the leaderboard.

This time, we check back in with Kelley’s constant grind toward the top. In this particular outing, we follow along with the first couple of passes that the car has made at No Prep Kings Tulsa. In the video, Shocker takes more steps toward becoming the dominant monster that its namesake once was.

The crew has certainly been working hard to bring this new build into the range where the old Shocker once was. Needless to say, this sort of dominance certainly takes a lot of time to get things just right, and having a formidable opponent like Justin Swanstrom in the next lane over certainly helps to keep your eyes on the prize.

Check out the action below from National No Prep Racing Association.


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