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The Shop Totaled His S2000, How It Happened Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

When you’re choosing who to leave your car with to get a little bit of work done, especially for the car that you highly value, it can be a difficult process. However, within the same thought, you have to realize that accidents happen no matter who you are or what your level of expertise. Every once in a while, even the best of mechanics slip up and might find themselves in a position where things just really don’t look good. We can’t really say for sure what kind of the situation this one should be filed under but, in any case, it really looks like somebody is going to have quite the mess to clean up when everything is all said and done.

This particular YouTuber by the name of TheSupercarSuspects finds himself piloting a Honda S2000 that he’s been working on a little bit. With one of the latest developments, he would figure out that the car needed a clutch or at least he thought it did. In any case, he would send the vehicle to a shop in order to do the clutch install which seems like a pretty common and straightforward job. However, the car’s owner would eventually get news from said shop that something disastrous had unfolded and he would probably want to get there as soon as he possibly could.

As he would get to the shop, eventually the car would present itself as the owner would stumble upon his Honda laying sideways in between the lift posts after it had fallen off of the lift entirely. It really leads you to wonder if this is just a freak accident or if something was done that really could’ve been avoided. In any case, all that’s left to do now is pick up the pieces and figure out who’s going to be taking the blame for this one. This certainly isn’t the way that you want to find your car after you have left it in somebody else’s hands but I guess it’s sometimes, things happen.


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