The Camburg Racing Sig Sauer Jeep Gladiator is the Perfect Go-Anywhere Ride With Tons of Function

One of the beautiful things about the automotive community is that we can modify our ...

One of the beautiful things about the automotive community is that we can modify our vehicles to fit whatever idea it is that we have brewing in between our ears. I guess that at the end of the day, coming up with a beautiful finished product all depends on the level of know-how that one has to invest along with a plan to match. At times, a little cash can help the cause out as well.

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This time, we check in with a build for which the builder, “Camburg Racing Off Road and Overland,” clearly circles around the idea of functionality. Not only is this Jeep Gladiator designed to go just about anywhere but it’s also designed to be able to carry all the people and equipment that one could ever want or need. There’s just something about these purpose-built desert exploration vehicles that really scratches an inch that we have for this sort of off-road excitement.

Camburg invites us to “Take a walk around the Camburg Racing Sig Sauer Jeep Gladiator when we were down in Baja watching the race. This Jeep is equipped with Camburg and Fox suspension along with a GFC go fast camper, all Scosche power accessories, Magnaflow exhaust, General tire mounted on Method race wheels, Baja Designs lights, Dynatrac axles, and running on X Off-Road on our iPads for navigation.”

By following along with the video below, we get the full scope of what exactly makes a build like this come together. Each and every component here seems to be well thought out to maximize the available space and equipment to make the most of what the Gladiator is capable of. Although the model isn’t quite that old yet, we’re already seeing some pretty awesome builds come together and this Sig Sauer Gladiator is certainly no different!

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