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The Silverado 6×6 is the Most Expensive Chevy Truck Ever

The guys over at Hennessey Performance are always wrenching on something different. Sure, there are lots of shops that will take your Chevrolet Silverado and modify it. They might even do an amazing job at that. There aren’t too many, though, that will add an extra axle for you. Hennessey seems to have made this one of their trademarks. While we’ve yet to see it done with the Silverado, it was only a matter of time before the truck followed suit. After all, seeing Post Malone take delivery of a 6×6 Raptor, we just had to see a Chevrolet version come to life!

The package is known as “Goliath” and for good reason. There aren’t too many places that this thing will be driven without turning heads. It’s just such a massive machine that it’s kind of hard to miss!

In addition to the obvious 6×6 conversion, there are a whole slew of other features included. As far as the suspension goes, the truck gets an eight-inch lift kit. To make things look right, the lifted machine sits on 20-inch wheels and 37-inch BFG off-road tires.

As far as looks go, a custom bed is fitted to the truck to make everything fit just right. It also includes the likes of a rollbar upgrade and LED lights. Hennessey‘s front and rear bumpers complete the look of this massive brute along with custom graphics. This truck is really one of a kind.

For power, the truck isn’t going to necessarily set the world on fire. It does have a couple of upgrades that boost the numbers just a bit though as the truck sports a cold air intake and stainless steel exhaust. These are good for about 450 hp at the crank.

When we top it off with the 3-year /36,000-mile warranty, the picture is complete. By following along with the video below, we get a closer look at one of the biggest trucks in the industry!


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