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The Smallest Mini Truck You’ll Ever See Doing Big Burnouts

If I personally were to see a miniature semi truck in person, it would probably take a minute for all of it to sink in, observing all of the detail that has gone into taking such a massive machine and shrinking it down to a smaller scale to be enjoyed in a different way than its bigger brother as it takes all of the detail that you’d expect out of a big rig and cramming it all into a much, much smaller package.

Now, just imagine stumbling upon such a shrunken down semi truck, when all of a sudden, you find out that the truck is boasting 1000 hp and really has a passion for shredding rubber and doing burnouts. That would take things to a whole new level of cool! That is exactly what we have this time as we check out this small wonder of gearhead engineering when this small truck comes together to look just like the real thing. As promised, it uses all 1000 of its turbocharged diesel horsepower to light up the rear tires and do a miniature semi truck burnout in such a fashion that will make you question if what you’re seeing is real. Consider your mind blown.

Follow along with this neat little creation down in the video below that we would venture to say has taken lots of time and effort to put together to get just right. This thing is so much fun to watch in action that I personally had to click play on this burnout clip several times to get the full effect for myself! After you get the chance to check out the little semi truck with a big attitude that’s ready to pack a punch as soon as you pound down on the throttle to unleash all that lies under that hood!


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