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The Sound Of 22 F-14 Tomcats Doing a Low Fly By is Amazing

All of those feet above the ground up in the sky, you can find fighter jets doing some pretty amazing things and this time, we check out just a small clip that will give you a taste of how crafts like this are put into action and it all comes at the end of a cruise.

In this one, we check out a fleet of 22 F-14 Tomcats that hop into formation and all fly by over the top of an aircraft carrier at a low altitude, giving everybody on board a little bit of a show as they’re sent off after the end of their cruise. It’s amazing to watch how closely they can all come together, flying above the ship.

Perch yourself on top of the aircraft carrier as these guys get a good view of exactly what’s happening up in the sky with the pilots of these machines doing what they do best. Be sure to tell us what you think of a display like this as it comes to life on the screen in front of your eyes!


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