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The Sound of NASCAR in 1976, Olympia Charger Screams to Life With Insanely Loud Start up Sound

NASCAR faces a pretty interesting challenge every single day. They have to play some sort of balancing act with all sorts of different interests in mind. One of the balancing acts that they play relates to safety.

On one hand, it seems like any option to make a car safer is going to make it more boring. Slowing down cars and making them look less like streetcars is taking away from the purity of the sport, in a sense. The challenge here is to keep vehicles interesting to watch while making them safer to drive as well. It’s definitely not a challenge that has any clear answer and we’re sure that the guys behind the scenes are doing the best that they can. Needless to say, driver safety is paramount before having an interesting sport.

While NASCAR did face a day where most of its cars were basically bubbles with a manufacturer’s logo on them, it seems as if modern technology is allowing the cars to take a more appealing shape today. However, way back in the early days of the sport, there was an age where NASCAR pretty much took something very similar to what somebody could buy at a dealership and put it on the track. Naturally, they would add in some safety components. However, the fiberglass bodies and aftermarket equipment weren’t as plentiful as they are today. In fact, in 2020, there isn’t much of anything on a competitive stock car that one would also find in the corresponding road car.

While this is a very necessary course of action for governing bodies like NASCAR, we can’t help but find some sort of appeal in the machines that were used back in the day. This time, we get to tune in with the likes of a NASCAR competitor from 1976. The Olympia Charger really rose to life here, giving us a sense of something that spills over with old-school cool.


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