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The Story of a Superbird – Graveyard Carz

The Story of a Superbird – Graveyard Carz

Sometimes, the story behind a car is a lot more special than the nuts and bolts that put the cars together because the process through which said nuts and bolts come together tell tales of family, friendship, and passion.

This time, we dive into the story of Marc and Mike Hill, a father and son duo that were determined to make Mopar flow through their blood and, as a result, have a heck of a story to tell.

When the duo embarked on their Daytona replica mission, they decided that they needed some help and enlisted the help of an older gentleman who happened to have two dilapidating Superbirds in his back yard.

One thing led to another and a friendship was born that would bring these cars from piles of rust to a combo that would bring a father and son closer together. Check out the video below that tells you how it all went down.

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