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The Street Outlaws BUSTED in $15,000 Real Deal Street Race!!

Last weekend, some of the biggest names to ever line up and race on the street converged to duke it out for $15,500 in the original Cash Days, an annual event that some say is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Street Outlaws franchise.

This year’s Cash Days came down to two cars that should look familiar to those who watch the shows on Discovery Channel. Lined up in the right lane, a matte black Vega that fans of the original Street Outlaws from Oklahoma City. In the left lane, a certain blue Ford Probe from the New Orleans group that has been having quite a year on the No-Prep circuit. The video, a great close-up look at the action itself and the aftermath, was caught by the 1320 Video crew and really tells the tale about what went down in the finale.

As you can see, the pair are in the process of running the finale when word comes down that there are police en route. The crewman at the finish line hears word over the radio and waves off the race, but the cops are upon the Probe before he has a chance to load up and leave, while the Vega does manage to take a quick turn to the right and retreat to the safety of his trailer. The driver stayed in the Vega while his crew towed him several miles before stopping to left him out.

Meanwhile, the Probe itself was impounded by the authorities and the driver was arrested. He spent several hours locked up, but managed to get out and, in a welcome surprise, was able to secure the release of the car just a day later. Generally speaking, when the police impound a vehicle, especially one used in the commission of a crime, it never sees the light of day again, so the fact that the Probe was released is a minor miracle. Check out the video below and see the drama unfold, including the flaring tempers when the Cash Days promoters decided to split the pot, a decision made based on the fact that the race was called off before the cars crossed the stripe.


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