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The Supercar Vault of Utah is Mind Blowing

If you follow along with the antics of YouTuber, Stradman, you will be familiar with some of the supercar stories that he has told, taking you through life as he interacts with of those cars that everybody knows about and a lot of kids even have hanging on posters on their bedroom walls. To some, it might seem like a dream life and therefore, taking the camera along for the ride is pretty entertaining to watch to see exactly what he’s going to do next and what kind of crazy automobiles are going to fall into his lap today.

This time, he goes to quite a supercar vault in Utah that really is tough to wrap your mind around as you look in every single direction and try to figure out which part of it you like the most! He refers to that very place as “Specialized” which we’re left to assume is Specialized Sales and Leasing out in Salt Lake City and boy, let me tell you, that when you step foot inside of this massive automotive warehouse, it’s definitely a little bit overwhelming and gets your senses tingling to the tune of some of the most aggressive cars in the world! You almost can help but want to take them all out for a spin!

If you follow along in the video below, you get a look at this insane collection of supercars and even will be able go on a little bit of a joyride with Strad as he hops into a Ferrari and blazes through the streets. These type of videos really have a lot to offer and we can’t help but be glued to the screen so we really think that you will be too. After checking out this video that really has a lot of elements to think about, be sure to tell us which part of this one, or more particularly, which car you saw to be your favorite.