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The Tesla Model X Can Dance To Christmas Songs!

You don’t have to look to far on our site to find articles about Tesla. While the company has had hiccups here and there, for the most part we love what they’re doing and try to focus on the positive aspects of what they bring to the table. They’ve given the auto industry a not-so-gentle nudge toward pushing technology forward when it seemed for a while there, automakers had become somewhat complacent, if not downright stale. Their cars combine luxury, performance and downright run, as you will see in the video below.

It would seem the engineers at Tesla took a cue from those guys who go over-the-top with their Christmas decorations and use the programmable software and miles of extension cord and tens of thousands of lights to create a light show that dances to the music. This Model X, Tesla’s quirky but cool SUV, does a full-on dance routine set to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Wizards in Winter. The show starts off with the lights flashing in rhythm to the music, which would have been cool enough in my book, but that’s not all the brains behind the scene had in mind for this Easter egg that was uploaded to the Model X for Christmas.

As the show goes on and the music intensifies, the doors, windows and mirrors get in on the act as well, with the gull wings opening up and the mirrors waving in and out while the lights continue to pulse along with the beat. At one point, the car appears to be trying to literally fly, as the doors and mirrors are flapping in unison to the music as the show nears the end.

Things like this, little things that are completely useless as far as hauling your family goes, but make the car incredibly fun are just a part of how Tesla is changing the game. We can only hope other automakers are taking note and don’t get left behind as technology advances with each passing day.