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The Top 10 SLOWEST Selling New & Used Cars in America Right Now

The automotive industry is undeniably a cutthroat market. Every customer is a valuable asset and with that in mind, automakers are going to do whatever they can to gain that business. With numerous competitors continually improving their offerings and the gap between good and bad cars narrowing, manufacturers must consistently deliver their best work to remain relevant which sometimes means doing something new and fresh. However, thinking too far outside of the box and creating a few missteps can lead to a slide into irrelevancy, forcing them to discontinue models and shift their focus in an entirely new direction.

While every automaker aspires to maintain strong sales for all their vehicles, the reality is that each year, some cars inevitably rank at the bottom in terms of sales performance. There has to be a last place in the race, with certain models posting the lowest sales rates among their peers. The decision to retain or discontinue these nameplates depends on how much effort and investment the brand is willing to dedicate to them.

In this exploration, we take a deep dive into the automotive landscape of 2023, where a list of cars stands out as potential candidates for the title of worst sellers. Some of these vehicles left us scratching our heads, wondering about the brand’s thought process behind them. Others, however, might not be as obvious, with low sales attributed to a lack of effective marketing, where a great car fails to perform simply because people are unaware of its existence.

In this feature from The Fast Lane, we gain insight into which vehicles have earned the title of the slowest sellers of the year. While some trends may be influenced by supply chain issues that linger, others might indicate that it’s time to reconsider ideas that have fallen flat due to a changing landscape that no longer supports a once popular idea.