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The “Triple F Collection” Might Have the Most Impressive Garage We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to car fanatics, naturally, we all have our list of dream machines. I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that one day, the lottery will roll over with the right numbers and I’ll able to go out and buy every exotic car that I have ever wanted. However, once we get past this list of dream machines, perhaps more important is the area that we keep them in. After all, having a stack of cars is kind of a hassle if you don’t have the epic garage to house your collection!

This time, we check in with a pretty iconic exotic car collection known as The Triple F Collection. In fact, the conglomerate of cars is so impressive that it even has its own YouTube channel with well over 100,000 subscribers.

In a recent update, we would learn that this impressive collection of cars is finding itself a new home. With the move, the machines are being treated to what might just be the most ultimate example of a garage that we’ve ever seen. Some places play out a little bit more like a showroom than a functional garage but when we check in with this area, we’re not sure that anybody would deny the chance to hang out in such a space that has an abundance of the area set aside for toys and even some living space as well.

Not a bad place to spend a weekend partying, eh?

After checking in with the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of the garage that is sure to go down as nothing short of iconic. There’s really just something about a space like this that makes us want to put our heads down and work just a little bit harder so that maybe one day an iconic spread like this might become a reality.

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