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The Unknown History Of One YouTuber’s Lamborghini…

Famed YouTube personality Rob Feretti has some great stories to tell about all of his adventures in buying, selling, and owning cars, and he shares them often via his superspeedersRob channel.

This particular video features a couple of stories about one of his past rides, a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 that was used in a movie, as well as a rather… unique promotion where it was wrapped as every college kid’s favorite cuisine.

As you will see in the photos Rob includes to illustrate this tale, the car was actually wrapped in a photo-realistic pepperoni pizza wrap and carted from campus to campus to help promote “Push for Pizza”, a one-tap pizza ordering app geared toward college students and young professionals who want to order their food as quickly as possible. While the company was using the car to promote the app, they actually managed to damage the side skirts, despite only driving the car on and off the trailer and into it’s parking spot at the display.

The car was also used in the movie 22 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The car was wrapped again for the film, this time in a less-ridiculous solid yellow-orange color, and driven by Hill himself in Puerto Rico. Feretti watched the film and noticed in the cut that made the film that that Jonah – or a stunt driver, more likely – pulled out onto the street from a side drive and scraped the nose of the car pretty hard.

Of course, as Rob points out, there was a bit of a built-in skid plate under the nose and they paid him enough to justify the scrape, so he wasn’t exactly upset about it.

He would, of course, sell that car to buy another, and it’s likely changed hands again since, but somewhere out there is a car that was once a pizza and driven by Jonah Hill himself disguised as a plain ol black LP640.