Here It Is! The Original Clip Created by Gas Monkey Garage to Send to Networks in Hopes of Landing a TV show

You know where Gas Monkey Garage sits today with the television cameras of Fast ...

You know where Gas Monkey Garage sits today with the television cameras of Fast N’ Loud bringing us inside of all of the action, making the garage and its entities larger than life as it has garnered thousands upon thousands of fans from all over the wold.

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As you might imagine, Gas Monkey wasn’t always the powerhouse that it has become today and with this clip, we check out where the fame all began.

Included in this clip, we check out the original test pilot/advertisement that was put together to send out to networks to attempt to convey the crew’s idea of what they think would make one hell of a television show. Now that we see how it has all unfolded, we would be inclined to say that it was a mighty fine idea, indeed.

Check out the throwback that shows off the early inkling that would lead us to the monstrous conglomerate that we see today including the garage itself, restaurants, apparel, and more!

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