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The World’s Most Custom SEMI Truck, All Decked Out

The community of customization is one that spans far and wide and trust us when we tell you that jazzing up your ride doesn’t stop on regular cars and trucks that you might see driving around on the streets. The hobby span much further than your daily driver.

This time, we take a slight dip into the world of modification of semi trucks and to be to the point with it, these things are really fun to look at. When you check out this Kenworth 900 built by Texas Chrome Trucks, you can really see how much people dive into customizing these big rigs.

In this video, we take a dive into the massive machine to check out exactly what it was that has been altered on it. To sum it all up nicely, I guess you would say that the list of parts that hasn’t been touch is a lot shorter than the list of things that have been given a new face.

Check out the video below that takes the liberty of showing off this insane custom piece of artwork from head to toe so you can get an idea of what the hobby is all about. One thing is for sure, you won’t see this truck hauling a heavy load anytime soon but that’s ok because it’s still one spectacular example of a heavy duty hauler.

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