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The World’s Heaviest Weight is Calculated to be 1 Million Pounds!

Across many applications, it’s quite obvious that some structures need to be built to withstand quite a great deal of force, for example, an airplane up in the sky needs to be built with a certain rigidity. However, what might not be so obvious is exactly how the resistance to such a large amount of force is tested.

Now, from what we learn in this video, mathematics can get us so close to a real answer, but many of these calculations will only bring you so close to a real world answer and do you really want to be 30,000 feet up in the air when you find out that maybe the plane should’ve been tested in a real world situation?

This time, we check out the facility that’s used when someone needs to take their design and put it up against a massive force. In fact, this place has the ability to place up to 1,000,000 pounds of force on an object to make sure that it is designed with the highest level of integrity for the applications that really count!

Check out the video below as we get the breakdown of exactly what application would ever need this much force to be applied in testing and exactly how they go about creating that much weight. As someone who is really at the ground level with all of this like I’d think most of us are, it really is a wonder to think about how someone was able to come up with all of this from scratch!

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