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The World’s Most Powerful Chainsaws

Just typical guys and gals doing what we do: making something bigger, better, faster and cooler!

Chainsaws are already cool enough. They’re loud, they can be dangerous and they make a hard job easier. So why not add a few cubic inches, a lot more noise, and a ton of power and make them into a spectacle that crowds will come out to see?

These chainsaws are powered by actual automotive engines and shred these logs like a hot knife through butter. Most of them are powered by big ol’ American V8 engines, but a few are smaller variants, though we really don’t know which engines they are exactly.

It’s insane to see these 2-person teams manhandling these huge engines and then letting gravity and friction take over as the saws power through the massive logs. This is definitely a sport we can get behind!


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